High-frequency trading platform with software packages and API libraries.



NTS (Nogle Trading Solutions) is specialized in building low-latency algorithmic trading platform, risk management, data analytics, and cloud computing architecture development. Below is one case study to illustrate how we work with our partners to deliver success.


Gui Li Technology, a system integration specialist headquartered in ShenZhen, China, designs and implements financial technology solutions for trading institutions and brokerages selects Nogle Trading Solutions to upgrade its risk management framework.


To comply with regulatory changes in China, Gui Li Technology needed to upgrade the monitoring and risk-management capabilities for its financial trading toolset. The challenge was to support the new compliance and oversight requirements without incurring a significant performance delay in their system. To achieve this, they needed a partner with a firm with experience building low-latency trading systems.


After understanding Gui Li’s system architecture and design, Nogle proposed two different technology solutions for Gui Li; a hardware-based FPGA solution and C++ software solution. After much deliberation, Gui Li selected the software solution as it would scale more easily.

Nogle would build Gui Li a risk-management system that would in real-time monitor the position and order risks associated with all its clients.

Key features

  • Architecture to scale and process bursts of up to a million messages a second
  • An intuitive front-end to allow the compliance team to monitor the state of their system
  • Customizable modules to programmatically respond to messaging violations and risk limits


In three months, Nogle delivered Gui Li a risk-management module that integrated with its existing technology suite. The module is capable of handling millions of messages a second. Gui Li is excited with the new functionality and are currently implementing it across several of the largest brokers in China.