Mobile trading platform for corporate and sovereign bonds, designed for private banking customers.



Bonds are a core holding for most private banking clients, but it can be difficult to navigate this world. Private banks are always looking for ways to create more value for their clients and increase their assets under management. Currently, there is no mobile app for private clients to trade bonds. Furthermore, private banks currently have no organized way to convey their range of products to clients in a truly user-friendly manner.

Bondlinc is the answer to both those problems! It’s an innovative solution that is set to become the new standard for private banking. It puts clients, sales and traders in the same loop on the same platform, allowing them to select, research, trade and track bonds effortlessly.

Accessibility: Bond trading becomes more accessible where curated news, research and analytic tools are all available on our electronic platform.

Bond Research: Strategically identify client-specific opportunities and deliver personalized research and information.

Up-to-date Information: Effortlessly track bonds, new bond issues, latest market news, trade history and trade status changes.

Traceability: Keep an electronic audit trail of all bond trades with timestamps in conformance with compliance requirements.

Risk management: Built-in trading protocol and risk assessment tools ensure clients can only trade bonds matching their appropriate risk profile.

Portfolio Management: Conveniently trade, request or review bonds to make portfolio management possible anywhere and anytime.

Real-time Notifications: Relevant and user-selectable notifications keep clients informed of latest updates to their trades, messages or new issues of interest.

Reporting & Analytics: Track the most popular traded bonds, transacted prices and trading habits of your clients to offer more personalized advice.

Why Bondlinc?

– Consolidate RM – Client relationship through the provision of an all-encompassing wealth management experience.

– Drive revenue by empowering clients with increased market transparency and actionable insights to trade confidently.

– Exceed market expectations, but stay within regulatory limits with timestamped audit trails.

Nogle has amazing processes and methodology! The most impressive part is how they manage the learning curve – and the cost – so efficiently.

-BONDLINC representative