Happy people, great work, no coincidence.
It’s what we do together that sets us apart.

At Nogle we strive to find innovative solutions to complex issues in satisfying our core mission to use technology and forward-thinking to continuously innovate, challenge traditional business models, be disruptive and empower our customers in becoming global leaders in their respective industries.

However, what makes working at Nogle unique is the workplace culture that encourages innovation where we don’t believe in the word “impossible”. A healthy balance between work, life and enjoyment, is what fosters great thinking.

Never stop improving. Allow for inspiration and innovation. Learn from each other. The Nogle vision is one that keeps learning, innovating, and never stop improving to always excel.



  • Honesty & Respect

    If we make a mistake, we admit it. If we identify a shortcoming, we correct it. We make constructive, non-political criticism.
  • Curiosity & Inquisitiveness

    We are curious. We learn quickly and enthusiastically.
  • Tenacity

    We do whatever it takes to get the job done. We stay the course.
  • Passion

    We believe in what we do. We believe in our team.
  • Prudence

    We consider all the facts before making decisions. When we find a problem, we identify its root cause and formulate a solution.

Think Big!

Nogle takes on all sorts of projects. From online virtual fitting solutions, to high frequency trading, to marketplace environments, carpark automation systems, it is clear that we are diverse and problem solvers. We encourage free flow of ideas and experimentation, there is nothing that would not be considered.

Work or Play? Work of Life?

Why not have everything? We have created not only a work environment that is fun and creative but we have filled it with people that along the work journey will become your friends and your family.

We don’t believe in dull, segmented, divisive beige corporate environments. Our office is open, with senior management working side by side with new recruits, exchanging ideas in a fun, colorful and relaxed workplace.

A balance between work and lives means happier people, means more creativity, time to think, better solutions, happier customers, better Nogle. It just makes business sense. We constantly organize in-office events, outdoor activities and even one or two parties and trips, to build those bonds between our own people and allow people to have happier more fulfilling lives. Nogle invests in its people, the rest just falls into place.



Vincent Chang

Business Analyst

Best part about Nogle is that we all work as one giant brain! One brain that feeds on knowledge, inspires for joy, and most of all innovates for the better. Working closely with different levels of stakeholder not only steepens my learning curve but also helps me to explore my horizon from a whole new level.

Casey Huang

Business Analyst

Nogle nurtures and incubates ideas into reality. Every day I am inspired by passionate colleagues and new challenges. It is exciting to be able to learn and grow at Nogle beyond my role!

Charlie Mai

Team Lead, Mobile

Being in the mobile development world, it gives me an opportunity to make a difference in our society. Nogle helps me makes that difference by providing guidance and motivation. Just like a family, we treasure and embrace the growth and dedication together every step of the way.

Kasper Chen

Senior Developer, Algorithms

I have never imagined fashion industry being so hi-tech. At Nogle, this is the kind of surprises and challenges you see every day. We make the most out of computer vision, 3D graphics, and machine learning techniques in building innovative solution for our clients. It’s quite exciting when Nogle brings these different projects from various fields.

TingTing Wang

UX Designer

Nogle is a great place to work with smart and humorous people, we get inspired every day, we experiment boldly and what’s more we laugh all the time!

Ginny Ko

Finance Specialist

We not only work hard but we play hard. Everyone can get the best balance between work and life. I truly enjoy working for this company and am excited to be part of the Nogle family.

Job Openings

Life and work in balance. Interesting and challenging projects. We are looking for the best minds, passionate and driven to create things that matter.

If you are interested in joining our family, the following are the currently available positions: