We bring together the most capable, driven, and passionate people who live for analyzing business models, applying innovative technological solutions, and achieving sustainable businesses. Our hands-on, action-driven approach to software design, development, and management, has proven highly successful at accelerating development for early-stage company-building.

Review ideas that involve technology to innovate or solve a problem
Choose the most promising ones and develop a business model
Provide or procure initial funding
Use human capital, professionals, advisors and the platform to put the idea into practice
Use network to bring it to market
Build and scale the venture into a successful spin-off


We continuously monitor market trends, proven business models, and potential business opportunities.
Our in-house technology professionals and experts from various industries test ideas quickly and develop them into products.
We build companies from scratch and scale them according to resources, potential, and demand.


We work with entrepreneurs: brainstorming business ideas and incubating project ideas, and turning visions into reality. We watch the market closely, and research better business models and potential opportunities. Most incubation projects start with just an idea - sometimes internally, sometimes in collaboration with our partners.


The founders work together with our multi-disciplinary team to build innovative, viable products. Our in-house capabilities mean that our seasoned experts with a wide range of industry experience can test ideas quickly and develop them into sound business models, and eventually, companies. In this way, we combine innovative and disruptive ideas with impeccable execution, guaranteeing a solid beginning and first few steps, and maximizing sustainable success further down the road.


We remain flexible in scaling our solutions based on resources required and expected demand. As soon as a new product has traction, we work hard to build user growth, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team. Building from scratch, we aim to grow each company to be number one in its niche.