The world’s first complete computational thinking game curriculum.


Education Technology


Jules Ventures partners with Nogle to develop an educative game that promotes and teaches players to use Computational Thinking skills through puzzles and challenges presented in a game.

The main target audience of School of Fish is preschoolers at the age of 5-6 years old. Most of which by population statistics will be either in kindergartens or child care centers.

Computational Thinking is a system of understanding and solving problems in a logical way that people and computers can understand. It is the ability to integrate human creativity and insight with machine computing power. By learning Computational Thinking through games, children can: 1) Recognize patterns (Pattern Recognition); 2) Break problems down into smaller parts (Decomposition); 3) Apply a sequential solution (Algorithmic Thinking); and 4) Re-apply this thought process to other similar problems (Abstraction), in a fun and engaging way.

Computational Thinking merges the creativity of the human mind with the processing power of computers and is best learnt from young learners aged 5 onwards. It will allow children to take a complex problem, understand what the problem is and develop possible solutions. These are critical skills for the future.

A cartoon avatar called “Doodle” acts as a teacher to guide children through the curriculum in a fun and engaging manner, while the actual teacher in the classroom during the lesson assists in facilitating offline activities that are incorporated into the curriculum.