A revolutionary 3D virtual-fitting solution for online apparel retailers which allows customers to create their personal avatar, try on clothing, and shop with confidence all from the comfort and convenience of their home, at work, or on-the-go.


Fashion Technology

With consumers the dictating force of an ever-sophisticated shopping generation, the demands of delivering elements of the physical to the virtual world are one of the many driving forces in development of disruptive and innovative solutions. With a new dimension of online shopping emerging and interactive technology solutions fast becoming its key theme, online retailers who have shown to provide engaging and interactive experiences are showing the fastest growth— in both customer acquisition and retention— and are poised to continue.

Our radical fashion technology focuses on bringing real-world shopping experiences to online fashion and apparel retail stores by providing an intelligent, interactive, and personal virtual fitting and styling experience.

With Style.me’s virtual fitting room, shoppers can easily create their personal, size-specific 3D avatar with which they can try on clothing, receive size recommendations, and mix and match different items together before deciding on a purchase. Our technology incorporates a complex range of proprietary deformation, layering, and physics-based simulation techniques that replicates each piece of clothing’s specifications and fabric properties to simulate an accurate depiction of the clothing on the shoppers’ body. This way each customer sees a very natural-looking representation of the clothing and the way it fits and drapes on their unique body proportions – rather than how it would look on a generic model.


Style.me offers a variety of nifty features and visually appealing information, helping online shoppers to make better-informed purchasing decisions and embrace a personal, engaging shopping experience.

  • Rotate and view garments on their avatar from different angles
  • Switch to a visually intuitive fitmap that shows where the garment is loose and snug on their body
  • Receiving suggestions for the best fit
  • Share styles and looks with friends and family via social media

We’re bringing the novelty and fun typically found in real-life shopping experiences to the ever-expanding online shopping community. With Style.me, we’re giving shoppers the ability to try on what they want, where they want, when they want.

Stephen Lynch – Director, Business Development

Style.me effectively reduces the problems associated with shoppers’ returns due to incorrect fit or because the garments simply didn’t look as good on them as expected. It also greatly increases the benefits for online retailers by boosting the amount of time shoppers spend on their sites, increasing basket size and value, and developing opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell their products.

With Style.me’s scanning rigs, retailers can now easily digitize their collections through a rapid and accurate garment scan. This helps retailers to easily manage items, publish products, and access data from their content management system.

By analyzing millions of data points, Style.me effectively helps retailers to efficiently create better marketing strategies. The intelligent analytics dashboard allows retailers to actively monitor their products’ performances, and receive insights on what goes on in fitting rooms in ways previously impossible. By analyzing millions of data points, Style.me effectively helps retailers to efficiently create better marketing strategies.

Style.me’s seamless integration across multiple platforms and devices, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop, consists of light deployments which cause no heavy workload on the retailer’s side. Our solution was developed to easily integrate into existing online retail and e-commerce platforms.

Style.me has proven that technology and fashion can merge in coherent harmony and, with the focus on customer value at the center, provide the ultimate shopping experience.